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From Left: Jeff, Becky, and Jesse


   The story of Crane Creek Farms begins in the spring of 2012.  Jeff Eichenberger with the aid of his son, Jesse, tap 12 maple trees on the family farm.  Despite a limited knowledge of how to actually make syrup and less than satisfactory cooking tools, the pair managed to produce a few pints of overcooked and semi-filtered syrup.

   Following maple syrup season the pair tried their hand at beekeeping.  Six, five-frame beehives were set up on the farm. Unfortunately, without the aid of proper protective equipment, many a bee sting was had by all.

   Despite rocky starts in both of these endeavors Jeff and Jesse found that they thoroughly enjoyed their new hobbies and knew they would continue to tap maples and keep bees for the foreseeable future.

   Along with many upgrades to equipment and expansion came years of trial and error, sore muscles, shouting matches, bee stings, and every unforeseen setback under the sun. Jeff and Jesse have learned much and continue to learn more every year to produce the best honey and maple syrup products around!.  


From Left: Jeff, Becky, and Jesse

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